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This is my journal: It records my thoughts, my cares, my struggles, my achievement and failure, my observation of life and nature, internet circulation、treasures、or recycled junks I found, ... . If you stumbled upon this blog by accident or on purpose, I welcome you. Thank you for your visit and comments. Hurry back!
這裡紀錄著我的生活點滴:我在想些什麼, 做那些事, 關心何事, 我的得與失, 我對人與自然觀察所得, 網路資訊、撿到寳貝、或是古物回收,... 。如果您是專程特地來訪或是無意中路過, 我誠心歡迎您。多謝您來訪及留言指教。請再來噢!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet and Sour Figs 甜酸無花菓

We picked more and more figs everyday. They will spoil in 5-7 days.
I tried to cook them same way as making jam. This is how I did this dish. (from left up)
1. Wash and let dry.
2. Quarter them.
3. Heat wok with a cup of water add about 2-3 table spoons of soy sauce and katchup (for color and flavor). I didn't add salt nor sugar. You can add to your taste.
4. When boiling, pour in figs. Stir and mix well with sauce.
5. Cover when boil again for 5 minutes, then turn heat down to simmer for 5 more minutes. (longer if you prefer softer).
6. Here is a dish of sweet and sour fig.
每天採摘越來越多的無花菓, 如不處理在5-7天內就會壞掉。
1. 冲洗後濾乾。
2. 切成四分一。
3. 鍋內放約一杯水, 二至三大湯匙的醬油及藩茄醬(作色澤及味道)。我未放盬或糖。(可依自己的口味加盬和糖)
4. 湯汁𣺓開後放入無花菓。略攪拌使之沾汁。
5. 湯汁再𣺓後上蓋, 大火煮約五分鐘, 改用小火續燜五分鐘。(如要爛些則放長時間)
6. 裝盤上桌。 一道開胃又下飯的甜酸無花菓。

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

High on Vine 高掛𦢘蔓上

Vine Melons 𦢘上瓜果

Go Wild 瘋狂一下

Logon to: to make a wild me (you). This program tells you names of the animal body parts used. Learn while you play.

點擊這裡: 編製一個夢幻的我(你)。在製作當中, 可學到不同動物肢體的名稱。在遊戲中學習。

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kissed By Lightning 被閃電偷吻

This tree in Mark's front yard was brought down during thunderstorm on late night of 090723, possibly a direct hit by lightning. (left click, you can see black spot.)
Thank God. No other damages involved.
7月23深夜雷電暴風雨, 將馬哥家前院中這棵樹吹擊折斷,
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Honeybees 蜜蜂

Sweet Peppers 甜辣椒

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Affection 情愛

Do you know its name? 知道它叫啥?

I found this bug in our garden this morning. I did some research. The closest I came up is "Husk". So, I just call it Husk Bug. If you know its name, please let me know. Thanks.
今晨在花園看到這隻昆蟲。上網查, 找不到它名叫什麼? 如果您知道, 請告訴我。先謝了。

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Special Dish 豬腳麵線

Today for lunch, I prepared our family traditional birthday dish "Pig Feet Noodle".
Considering cholesterol content, I used pork shoulder as a substitute for pig feet.
We will have Pork Loman (Fried Noodle) for dinner.
Here is a dish of delicious pig feet.
今天午餐我煮了家人生日的「豬腳麵線」。因為豬腳膽固醇高, 我用腿肉代替。
這是一盤香又Q 爛的滷豬腳。

Friday, July 24, 2009

Figs 090724 採無花果

It's time to start picking figs daily until early November.

Solar Eclipse 日全蝕

Total Solar Eclipse 090722
Photos by Taipei Observatory, Taiwan

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Me 小肖像

Make yourself or play with your children and grand children a Mini Me.
It's fun and easy. Just logon to:


Salmon Sandwich 090723 鮭魚三文治

For our lunch today, I prepared steamed salmon sandwich
with home grown tomato and bean curd soybean paste soup.

今天我們的午餐, 我做了鮭魚三文治加自家產的蕃茄配上豆腐豆醬湯。

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fruits & Vegetables 蔬菜瓜果

We will have plenty of Bitter Melons this year.
This one was picked too late, it opened up itself. Have to eat it right away.
This time, I cut them into strips and Sun dry them for Bitter Melon tea later.
Start picking Tomatoes too.
This sweet and juicy Long Squash is 15" long.
For dinner tonight, I sauteed it plain. I like to taste its natural flavor. It's very delicious.


Lawn Care 美化環境

(Photo 090721 攝影)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Alike continued 替身揭曉

*Please see post 090715 first. *
Sirtea: Rev. Chuang email said: "Did you receive my comments? I tried several times to post--He is Mayor Ed Koch, not me. What happened to my comments?"
A said to B: "See! I told you. Rev. Chuang is younger and handsomer than NYC Mayor. Besides, he has a gorgeous and beautiful wife by his side."
B: "Ooooh! They really look alike."

茶翁: 莊牧師來信說:「有收到我的留言嗎? 我試了好幾次留言--『他是紐約市長, 不是我。』為什麼看不到我的留言呢?」
甲對乙說: 「你看, 我不是告訴你了嗎! 莊牧師比紐約市長年青更英俊多多了。此外, 他身邊還有一位貎美賢慧夫人呢!」
乙: 「噢!兩人真相像。」

Two Counters 兩個計數工具

As of July 21, 2009 1:00AM, these two counters show two different numbers. They used different method of accounting. Just like, for example, political protest assembly in Taiwan; opposition party-DPP claimed 50,000 attendents, KMT Government announced only 10,000 attendents. Which one is correct? Is it possible both right, or both wrong? This happens in our daily life. We have to choose one to believe. Pray that God grant us wisdom to make right choice.

截至2009年7 月21日晨1:00止,這兩個計算噐顯示不同的結果。這兩個工具用兩種不同的計算公式。就以臺灣的抗議遊行為例:民進黨高估說有50,000人參加, 而國民黨政府低估祗有10,000人而已。到底是那一個對, 兩個皆對, 還是兩個都錯呢? 在我們的日常生活中常要選擇一個來作依據。求上帝𧶽我們智慧能作正確的選擇。

Lawn Care 割草

Mowing grass. 割草 (Photo 090720 攝影)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Turtle 090720 一隻烏龜

This morning while I was mowing grass, this turtle came out of the pond to lay eggs.

(It's turtles' egg laying period.) Upon seeing me, she ran back into the pond.

今晨我在割草, 這隻烏龜從池塘中上來產卵(現在正是烏龜產卵期)。


Cut it Shorter 鋸短一點

"Bear Your Cross" 『背十字架』

Sub-title: "Cut It Shorter" 副標題:『鋸短一點』

(Edited 090720 重新編製)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Script Marquee 跑馬燈

I am learning to make script marquee. Wait, wait. Coming up. Here they are!
我正在學習製作跑馬燈。等等, 再等一下。出來了。

Hello! Welcome! 您好! 歡迎光臨!

Sirtea Garden 茶翁家園

May God bless you all! 願上帝保佑您們!
Mmmmmmm! Mmmmh! Go♥♥od! I did it.
哈!哈!哈! 終於作成了。看起來還不錯嗎!!! ☺ ☺ ☺

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look alike 替身

A: "Former New York City Mayor Ed. Koch looks like my friend Rev. C. J. Chuang."
B: "No. No. He is Rev. Chuang. The picture was taken the first time Rev. Chuang was visiting NYC. He was so excite and glad that he came to visit NYC."
A: " I bet you. Let's ask Rev. Chuang to confirm who this person is ."
B: "OK. Caaaaalling Rev. Chuang. Rev. Chuang, where are you?"

甲: 「紐約市前市長柯志愛看起來真𢠽我的朋友莊牧師。」
乙: 「不對, 不對。他就是莊牧師。這張相片是莊牧師首次到紐約市探親旅遊時拍攝的。看他, 多麼高興終於來到紐約市。」
甲: 「跟你賭一把吧。請莊牧師來證實這人是不是他。」
乙: 「莊牧師, 莊牧師, 您人在那裡?」

*PS. Rev.Chuang, please make comments on this post, if possible.
*註: 莊牧師方便的話請現身說明吧。謝謝。

Cicada 蟬

(Video at Tom's backyard 090703 攝於湯一哥家後院)

Dancing cicada 蟬舞

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Single Bar Jump 單人桿上跳

Which one is better, this one or the other one?

那一個比較好, 這個還是下一個?

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Duo Piggy Backflip 背人桿上翻

Which one is better, this one or the other one?

那一個比較好, 這個或者上一個?

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Monday, July 13, 2009

God 上帝

Our Church Sunday School "New Heaven New Earth" class, using "A New Earth--Awakening To Your Life's Purpose" as a guide, we discussed about living in NOW, this moment and other insteresting topics. Elder Huang composed the following poem "God won't leave you".


God Won't Leave You.
God is omnipresent.
God is present everywhere in the universe.
God is present here and now.
God can't be "not here" or "not there".
So, wherever you are, God is there with you always.
If you won't leave God, God won't leave you.
-By Poshu Huang-

*If I say "May God be with you.", is it logically wrong?*
*如果我說「願上帝與你同在」好像不合邏輯了。對不對?* :)
Elder Huang and Psychology Professor Elder Lee led the class into vivid and vast subjects discussion. I always learned something new and got recharged every time I was not absent because of travelling. Thank you, class.


Tom's Neighborhood 湯一哥家

Tom's Neighborhood in Hurst, Texas.
德州賀市湯一哥家居附近公園。(Photo 090703 攝影)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hurst TX Cloud Show 德州賀市雲畫

Photo at Tom's backyard 090702 攝於湯一哥家後院

Alternative Medicine 漢方草藥

If you are seeking for an alternative solution to a symptom,
you are invited to search through this website-
This is a real caltural treasure from ancient China.
You might find some valuable information there.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chloe & George 可樂意與久居

Mark & Jen's pet Chloe (Top)
馬哥家的小狗, 可樂意(上) (090626)

Mary's pet George
媚妹的愛犬, 久居(090627)

Money Flowers 金錢花

Part of the gathered Money Flowers.
One more step, we will have beautiful shinning coins.

再一個步驟, 就有光亮亮的金幣了。

Moon 月亮

For environmental protection, even the Moon goes green too .
連月亮也在作環保, 多了個色保謢圈。

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bitter Melon 苦瓜

These bitter melons are the first home grown crop of the season.
The easiest way is to eat it raw as salad.
My sister, Jin, likes to make plenty of bitter melon tea and jam with the leftover melon meat.
Today, I am going to blanch it in boiling water for about 2 minutes and enjoy it as soup.
自家種的瓜菜中苦瓜第一個先熟了, 採下來作菜。
苦瓜可生吃, 熬成苦瓜茶, 苦瓜炒肉, 苦瓜排骨, 苦瓜釀肉, ... 等很多作法。
聽說苦瓜可減糖尿病的糖分。 不知真有效嗎?

Progress Record 進展紀錄

(Photo 090706 拍攝)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Burger Bite Measurer 漢堡量尺

Print it, cut it, and fold it. You have a new tool to play with. :o)

印出它, 剪下, 對摺,就有一個新玩具。用它來量所咬那一口漢堡有多大啊!
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Arizona Desert 亞利桑納州沙漠

Images around suburb of City of Surprise.

奇遇市郊的沙漠景像。 (090630 攝)

Desert Flowers 沙漠花嬌

Desert Flowers in Mary's front and back yards.
媚妹家前後院盛開的沙漠花朵。 (090626 攝)

Blooming Desert flowers in Mark's backyard.
馬哥家後院艶麗的花朵。 (090628 攝)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painting 繪畫

C-boy's painting.

090510 C-boy's Mother's Day gift to Nai-Nai (Grandma).


3 Birthday Cakes 三個生日蛋糕

3 Birthday celebrations in 7 days.
Left cake for 1-year-old L-girl.
Right 2 for 3-year-old twin boys J & J (2 parties in 2 different days).
雙胞 J與J 兩兄弟滿三歲(舉行二次, 一次親朋好友一次自家人)。

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day in Church 090621 慶祝父親節

After Sunday worship service, our church had a Father's Day party.
Fathers were called to entertain our wives, children, and all.
Laughters with applause filled the social hall. We had a wonderful time together.

In Flushing NY 090619 在紐約發拉盛

I went to Dr. Yang for physical check up. After blood pressure pumped, blood drew, urine...
I made appointments with Cardiologist Dr. Chiu, Urologist Dr. Liang, and bone density scan Lab (for male???) all on 6-22-09. In addition to my current medicine and vitamines, I have 2 more new pills to take.
Next, I went to see the 2009 Four Men's Photography Show featuring the works of my friends Dr. Lee (Wide View), Mr. Lu (Walls), Dr. Huang (Africa), and Dr. Wu (Dream World).
And, of course, I had late lunch at the little diner and enjoyed a delicious fish ball meal.

去楊醫師診所作身体檢查。經量血壓,抽血,驗尿,.... 後, 約好6-22-09 去看心臟科趙醫師, 䏟尿科梁醫師, 及驗骨質密度 (男人要驗??? 楊醫師可能太過敏了吧!)。
之後, 去文教中心看四人攝影展。我的老朋友們陸攝影師(牆),李教授(西藏寛㬌), 黃醫師(非洲之旅),及吳醫師(夢境)。讓耳目心享受一下攝影專家們的精心傑作。 回家之前上『老王記』享受一頓可口又實惠的魚丸米粉。
PS. 090706 Dr. Yang reviewed my reports. Scan and tests showed no new changes.
I need to watch my diet, blood pressure and take medicine regularly. See all 3 doctors in 3 months.
註: 07-06-09楊醫師告知檢驗結果無新的狀況出現。

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tree Down 090618 樹倒

A 100 MPH wind knocked down this big old oak tree on early morning of 6/18/09.
It broke the security light post into 3 pieces, and damaged to the picnic table/bench.
Thank God. Nobody was hurt, no building nor vechiles were damaged.
This incident costed us $2,000.00 to have the whole tree removed.
Quite an unexpected expense!
6-18-09 清晨一陣百浬速強風吹倒了這棵百年老樹,