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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Flushing NY 090619 在紐約發拉盛

I went to Dr. Yang for physical check up. After blood pressure pumped, blood drew, urine...
I made appointments with Cardiologist Dr. Chiu, Urologist Dr. Liang, and bone density scan Lab (for male???) all on 6-22-09. In addition to my current medicine and vitamines, I have 2 more new pills to take.
Next, I went to see the 2009 Four Men's Photography Show featuring the works of my friends Dr. Lee (Wide View), Mr. Lu (Walls), Dr. Huang (Africa), and Dr. Wu (Dream World).
And, of course, I had late lunch at the little diner and enjoyed a delicious fish ball meal.

去楊醫師診所作身体檢查。經量血壓,抽血,驗尿,.... 後, 約好6-22-09 去看心臟科趙醫師, 䏟尿科梁醫師, 及驗骨質密度 (男人要驗??? 楊醫師可能太過敏了吧!)。
之後, 去文教中心看四人攝影展。我的老朋友們陸攝影師(牆),李教授(西藏寛㬌), 黃醫師(非洲之旅),及吳醫師(夢境)。讓耳目心享受一下攝影專家們的精心傑作。 回家之前上『老王記』享受一頓可口又實惠的魚丸米粉。
PS. 090706 Dr. Yang reviewed my reports. Scan and tests showed no new changes.
I need to watch my diet, blood pressure and take medicine regularly. See all 3 doctors in 3 months.
註: 07-06-09楊醫師告知檢驗結果無新的狀況出現。

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