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This is my journal: It records my thoughts, my cares, my struggles, my achievement and failure, my observation of life and nature, internet circulation、treasures、or recycled junks I found, ... . If you stumbled upon this blog by accident or on purpose, I welcome you. Thank you for your visit and comments. Hurry back!
這裡紀錄著我的生活點滴:我在想些什麼, 做那些事, 關心何事, 我的得與失, 我對人與自然觀察所得, 網路資訊、撿到寳貝、或是古物回收,... 。如果您是專程特地來訪或是無意中路過, 我誠心歡迎您。多謝您來訪及留言指教。請再來噢!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Visitors 訪客

Ducks 水鴨

Little Me Sirtea 茶翁小肖像

Howdy! I am glad to meet you.
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您好! 來, 來, 來, 來泡茶開講。

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dancing Dolls 小天使

Dancing Dolls first bloom this year. See 091211 Dancing Dolls 2
今年小天使笫一次開花。看2009/12/11 小天使2
090527 攝

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alzheimer 失智症

Alzheimer Association
24-hour Helpline 1-800-272-3900

你自己,您的另一半,眷屬親人,淺深認識的朋友,中可有人得了失智症(或老人癡呆症)嗎?想瞭解探討此症狀,想看有關此症的免費網路影片嗎? HBO Alzheimer Project-- . 如果您是失智症(自家人)看護者,上網看這些影片可能更有助益.

Does anyone you know have Alzheimer/Dementia Disease? Online free HBO videos (HBO Alzheimer's Project-- might help you learn more about this disease.


我於今年3月剛上完5週的課程. In March, I took the 5-week course offered by Office for the Study of Aging, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina.

"Dementia Dialogues" 失智對話

Part 1 The Basic Facts, An Introduction to Dementia
第一講 失智者的警訊,癥狀,起因及治療法等

Part 2 Keeping the dialogue Going, Communication Skills
第二講 看護者與患病者的溝通技巧

Part 3 It's a Different World, Environment, Safety and Helpful Hints
第三講 護患二者互異環璄認知之安全措施與方法提示

Part 4 It's Nothing Personal, Addressing Challenging Behaviors
第四講 非針對您! 瞭解其挑戰行為做預防和解決對策

Part 5 Now What Do I Do? Creative Problem Solving
第五講 我這看護者該如何有創意的辦法來照顧他/她?