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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guam And Taiwan 關島與台灣

Guam mulls going its own way

Governor Edward Calvo successfully campaigned on the issue in a January election and pursued it in his State of the Island address in March.

Calvo has said he wants to hold a plebiscite on self-determination in 2012 but that need not mean cutting ties with Washington. Voters would be able to express their preference for one of three options -- US statehood, independence or "free association" with Washington.

Free association, a status accorded to neighbouring Pacific states the Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia, would give Guam recognition as a sovereign nation but it would retain close ties with the United States.
(Source: AFP)

關島獨立或併入美國 明年公投

美國在西太平洋的軍事重鎮關島(Guam),明年將舉行攸關其主權的民族自決公投。屆時島上十八萬住民將有有三個選項:申請成為美國第五十一州、獨立建國,或與美國締結「自由結合」(free association)。

關島於一九四四年被美軍從日軍佔領中解放,成為美國的無建制領地(Unincorporated Territory),也是全球迄今僅存十六個非自治領土(即殖民地)之一。居民擁有美國公民權,但不能投票選舉總統與國會議員。

(源自 2011-06-13 中國時報)

※Why the government of Republic of China (Taiwan) doesn't let "the inhabitants of Taiwan and Penghu" plebiscite to determine Taiwan's future?
※美國不反對關島居民公投自決。 爲什麼中華人民共和國和中華民國不讓台灣住民公投決定台灣的前途-獨立, 併入中國, 或者 ... 呢?

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