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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guide Me 願祢導我

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer.
至大上帝, 願祢導我。

Guide me, o thou great Redeemer, 至大上帝,願祢導我
pilgrim through this barren land;   穩過今世曠野地,
I am weak, but thou art mighty:      我真軟弱,祢大權能,
hold me with thy powerful hand:    用手牽我無犯罪;
bread of heaven, bread of heaven,   天的米糧,天的米糧,
feed me now and evermore.              求祢日日養飼我,求祢日日養飼我。

2) Open now the crystal fountain    活命水源求祢賞賜,
whence the healing stream doth flow 我心嘴焦大欣慕,
let the fiery cloudy pillar                    火炷、雲柱求祢顯出,
lead me all my journey through:      導我頭尾行天路;
strong deliverer, strong deliverer,   全能救主,全能救主,
be thou still my strength and shield. 賜我氣力永保護,賜我氣力永保護。

3) When I tread the verge of Jordan 後日行到約但河墘,
bid my anxious fears subside:           驚惶、僥疑免纏絆,
death of death. and hell's destruction 刣贏死失地獄的主,
land me safe on Canaan's side:         保我穩到迦南岸;
songs and praises, song and praises, 保我穩到迦南岸;
I will ever give to thee.                         永遠感謝謳咾祢, 永遠感謝謳咾祢。

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