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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stories In A Small Town 小城故事

Teresa Teng sings "Stories in a Small Town"
小城故事多 There are so many stories in this small town
充滿喜和樂 Filled with happiness and joy
若是你到小城來 If you come to this small town
收穫特別多 You will gain a lot
看似一幅畫 It looks like a painting
聽像一首歌 It sounds like a song
人生境界真善美 The truthfulness, kindness and beauty in life
這裏已包括 Are all included here
談的談 說的說 People here are seen talking and chatting
小城故事真不錯 Stories in this town are really good
請你的朋友一起來 Invite your friends to come with you 
小城來做客 To visit this town

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