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Friday, August 10, 2012

Taiwanese Polls 台灣民調

In a survey conducted by Taiwan Indicator Survey Research (TISR), 55.4 percent of the respondents said they prefered eventual independence, up six percentage points from a year ago and the highest since similar polls were conducted in 2006, while 29.9 percent said they did not support the idea; With 18.6 percent support for eventual unification with China.

台灣指標民調公司昨(九日)公布八月六日至七日隨機抽樣電話訪問台灣民心動態調查最新民調,對於台灣人民終極統獨立場,有五十五.四%受訪民眾表示贊成台灣應該獨立成為新國家,廿九.九%不贊成, 僅十八.六%民眾贊成兩岸最終應該統一。

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