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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picking Asian Pear 挑選東方梨

朋友(老外) 來信問我如何挑選東方梨, 也對本閣評論 原信附於下:
I received this email on 110221 as follows:
“Hello! How are you and your family?
I have a question for you. I know that you grow Asian Pears so you know about them. Can you tell me when to buy them and when they are ripe? I know they are delicious, but it is hit or miss for me to pick a good one.
I look at your blog. You have some fascinating things on there. I liked the picture of Hong Kong going from morning to night. Very nice.”

I found this video How to Pick Asian Pears,
and instructions on How to Pick Your Own Asian Pears.

Pick-your-own Asian pear. Orchards and backyard trees will bear fruit for harvest during the cool fall months.
水果攤挑東方梨? 我是碰運氣而已。那位有秘訣, 請不吝告知。

1 Check the Asian pear trees weekly until they begin to change colors. Some varieties change from green to yellow and others change from yellow to brown. Pick yellow fruits if the Asian pears started out green on the tree, and harvest brown fruits only if the unripened pears on the tree were yellow.
2 Grasp a fruit and gently press it with your hand. Pick the fruit if it no longer feels rock hard. This is a sample fruit which you will taste to determine if the fruit on the tree is ready to be picked.
3 Taste the Asian pear and begin to pick the other fruit from the tree if the sample pear tasted sweet with a high level of juiciness.
4 Pull individual Asian pears off the tree by hand, and pack them into a padded box or bag filled with crumpled newspaper to prevent bruising.
5 Store the fruit in the refrigerator for up to three months.

I hope the above will somehow help her. If anyone has a better way, please let me know.

PS. Thanks for the comments about my Blog.
註: 感謝來信中對本閣的賜教。

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