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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Email From Rev. Hung 洪牧師來信

洪牧師的近況報告。感謝上帝的恩典, 感謝大家的同心代禱。

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Thank you for your continuous precious prayer support and your concern for my medical treatments. Nearly a year ago a small tumor was found in my lung and liver. But 12 rounds of chemotherapy, one round lasting three days and two nights at hospital and a series of radiation therapy vanished the two tumors. But months later the tumor in my lung recurred and a vague tumor was found in my pelvis. So I resumed radiation therapy and began to take anti-cancer pills daily. I shall undergo a CT scan two or three weeks later to see whether or not the small tumors in my lung and my pelvis have vanished. Meanwhile I take anti-cancer pills daily. Months ago my Christian oncologist Dr. Chiu advised me to see a Christian Chinese medicine doctor Dr. Lin at the same hospital and take herbal medicine, a tonic, to strengthen my immune system. I did and began to take every other morning the Chinese liquid herbal tonic 170cc contained in a plastic bag. I have a good appetite, but I don`t dare to eat too much as the flesh I gain concentrates in my belly and my artificial anus on my belly protrudes more. I gained one kilogram in my weight at Chinese New Year and now I weigh 58 kilograms. Thank the Lord for His grace that practically I have no side effects from my chemotherapy and radiation therapy and anti-cancer pills; there is no pain, no vomiting or hair-falling, only sleep disorder.

Mr. Tsung-Chi Chen, a Taiwanese, age 52, a graduate of the Reformed Seminary in Taipei, not ordained as pastor yet, will begin to serve our church in May as a part-time preacher, not a full-time pastor as he will take a master`s degree courses at the seminary for three years. He will preach two Sundays a month. Other preachers will preach on the other two or three Sundays every month. Of course he will work as a kind of a part-time pastor. Our church does not have to pay him a full salary. He served in the navy and the National Defense Ministry for many years. He receives monthly pension from the National Defense Ministry for the rest of his life. He has been doing translation with missionaries. His wife is a substitute teacher at primary school. He has two sons, age 20 and 18, and a daughter age 9. Please continue to pray for me and our church. May the Lord continue to be with you and bless you all.

Gratefully yours in Christ, D. M. Hung

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