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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Credit card Scam 信用卡詐術

Latest Hotel Credit Card Scam
One of the latest credit card scams occurs after you have checked into your hotel or motel.
The phone rings and the caller says it is the front desk and they have had a problem processing your credit card. They ask you to repeat the credit card number, the name and expiration date on the card, plus the 3-digit security code on the card back. They may also ask you to repeat your home address.
The scam occurs because the "scammer" calls the hotel and ask for a ramdom room number and begins the conversation when you answer, saying it is the front desk.
If you ever receive this type of call, do not provide any personal information and tell the caller you are going to hang up and will call back to the front desk or you will go down to the front desk right away. That will verify if the call is actually from the front desk. And if it turns out the front desk didn't make the call, let the manager know what happened. (Source: AAA Go Magazine)

電話鈴響,對方說是旅館服務台你的信用卡有些問題。他們要你再念一遍信用卡號碼, 姓名, 有效日期, 卡後面3字安全密碼。他們可能要你再說住家地址。
他們是這樣騙: 詐騙者打電話到旅社服務台請接某號(任一)房間。轉接通後, 你一接他就說是服務站打來的
如果接到這樣的電話, 千萬別回應說出你的私人資料。告訴他, 你掛電話後立刻去服務台或會給服務台回電話。這樣才能確定是服務台打來的。如果不是, 就要向旅社經理報告所發生的事。(資料來自三A旅行雜誌)

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