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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Prayer Request 請代禱

From: Daniel Hung
To: Sirtea
Date Fri, Jul 23, 2010
Subject: Lily`s operation
主旨: 請爲百合姊手術代禱

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
I am very sorry to burden you with another urgent prayer request. My wife Lily`s uterus began to droop 4 years ago. But she just ignored it until this month. It affects her urination and big duty. This week she went to see a gynecologist at the hospital where I receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy and the gynecologist decided to operate on her to remove her uterus on August 18, Wednesday. Please pray for Lily. May the Gracious Lord have mercy on her so that the operation may be successful. May the Covenant-keeping Lord grant her sufficient grace and a speedy recovery.

I need Lily to continue to take care of me at home and at hospital while I am hospitalized for chemotherapy, which lasts three days each time. I have gone through 8 times of chemotherapy and have four more times to endure. I receive chemotherapy every other week. The chemotherapy has virtually eliminated the small tumor in my liver, thank the Lord, but the 2 cm large tumor in my lung remains the same. So my oncologist decided that I must continue chemotherapy to deal with the lung tumor. Three months ago I finished the first stage of radiation therapy for my rectum ten minutes a day for 29 days before the 7-hous major operation to cut out the cancerous rectum. Now I am on the second stage of radiation therapy, 25 minutes a day for 20 days to deal with the lung tumor.

The Ultimate Physician, (Exodus 15 :26) the Holy Spirit, heals diseases through medical treatment or directly when medical treatment is not effective. Therefore, Lily and I need not only medical treatment, but also the healing power of the Holy Spirit. That`s why we need to pray and trust the Lord and that`s why we need your supplication, your precious prayer support. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus and in His Word, His promises. The Lord Jesus is our strength and refuge. He knows what He is doing. Let me repeat the short hymn by Al Smith: “I know who holds the future, and I know He holds my hand; with God things don`t just happen, everything by Him is planned.

So as I face tomorrow, with its problems large and small, I`ll trust the God of miracles, Give to Him my all.” Though I resigned from my church work on Jan. l, I still have to do lots of miscellaneous things for the church at home and at our chapel as our church has not found a Reformed preacher to succeed me. Please pray for our church`s need. I don`t preach on Sundays as I don`t have the strength to preach or visit church members, but I make phone calls. Thank you for spending your precious time praying for us. Thank you for your care, concern and encouragement and Christian love. May the Lord richly bless and reward you and your family. May the Lord bless your church.

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Daniel M. Hung, still in the lions` den, still on trial in the days and years to come.

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