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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fishing 釣魚

Possibly because of pollen particle floating on lake, I could see lots of fishes swimming beneath surface.
可能是湖面上漂浮着花粉, 我可以看到不少大小魚浮上來取食。

I found this bass at the picnic area. I thew it back onto lake for turtles to salvage it.
在湖畔發現這隻鱸魚, 我把它丟回湖中, 讓烏龜和其他的清道夫享用。

People like to fish: some fishing at pier or shore, some with pantoon boat, some compete in bass tournament.

許多人喜歡釣魚: 有的在凸出碼頭獨自垂釣, 有的開平底船到湖中釣, 很多人參加釣鱸魚競賽。

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