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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Ten Commendments 新十誡

自稱是天主教徒的馬英九, 爲選票到處燒香拜佛。他以爲自己是誰? 神佛! 摩西三世!

President Ma Ying-Jeou of Taiwan proclaimed the New Ten Commendments. The Tablet was placed on the altar of a aborigine Christian Church.

1. You shall not kill any living being. 一. 不殺生
2. You shall not steal. 二. 不偷盜
3. You shall not commit adultery. 三. 不邪淫
4. You shall not gossip/lie. 四. 不妄語
5. You shall not drink wine/spirit. 五. 不飲酒
6. You shall not smoke, do drugs, chew betel nuts. 六. 不抽煙、不吸毒、不嚼檳榔
7. You shall not gamble, no opportunistic. 七. 不賭博、不投機取巧
8. You shall honor/obey your parents, reconcile with sensuous delight. 八. 孝順父母, 調和聲色
9. You shall obey traffic rules. 九. 遵守交通規則
10. You shall not participate in political activities, anti-government demonstrations. 十. 不參與政治活動、示威遊行

I wonder who is he? Moses III? god? (Ex-President Lee Teng-Fei alias Moses Lee).

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