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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Email From Taiwan 臺灣來函

Dated: Sat. Aug. 15, 2009 at 10:25 am
Subject RE: Please Pray For Taiwan

Thanks your email dated 08/13 & 08/14.
1. We already forwarded the message 08/13 to our friends. (Pray for Taiwan)
2. We are extreme grief for 090808 Taiwan water disasters; the situation in the afflicted area is serious, the whole village was washed by mud. Most of Taiwanese people are so disappointed for slow rescue, neglect of duty & clumsy excuses..... But we are so proud that Taiwanese are so kindness, compassion, & brave to relieve victims of the disaster by self-salvation. Many people volunteer to go to aid the suffering... May God bless Taiwan!
3. New Comments as follows:
"The Salad Lunch & Fig Products dated 08/05 must be very delicious taste. We suggest that you can publish a recipe in Cookery. The sales volume should be great. "
- Kent & Grace - 2009/08/15
(English to Chinese by Sirtea 茶翁中譯)
日期: 090815(六) 上午10:25
主題: 請爲臺灣禱告

1. 我們已將你8月13日「請爲臺灣禱告」一文轉寄給朋友們。
2. 臺灣090808 水災, 我們感到𣒝端的傷心。災區災情十分嚴重, 整個村莊被山水泥土沖埋掉。大多數的臺灣人感到非常失望: 政府救災啓動慢,不盡職失職, 笨劣的卸責發言,...等等情形。但是我們自以爲傲: 臺灣人慈悲心懷,慷慨解囊,而且很多人自動志願參與救災, 無外助自救。願神保佑臺灣!
3. 新留言: 「8月5日營養午餐及無花果製品一定可口誘人。我們建議你編印食譜必定會暢銷。」
-Kent & Grace - 2009/08/15